5G Mobile Service in Europe will Available till 2020


European Parliament and European Council has made consensus on the issue that all the member states will ensure the availability of 700 MHz for wireless broadband so that 5G mobile service can be made possible in Europe till 2020.

It was told during the meeting between two institutes that presence of modern technology to every person is necessary in order to solve the upcoming problems and radio spectrum is very important for this purpose.

It is also told that Europe will be world leader in this field with 700 MHz band and it will result in its economic growth.

With this facility along high quality mobile services, the facilities like e-health and m-health will flourish through which citizens can consult doctors and other sources of health from home that will reduce stress on hospitals.

It should be remembered that 10% population of Europe is constantly ill. Their ages are up to 80 years and Europe has to spend 110 billion euro annually on health of its citizens.


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