Announcement of Double Number SIM by Warid


The availability of this new service which is called “Double Number SIM,” has been announced by Ward.

Warid Double Sim offer

Warid Double Sim offer

The services of two separate Warid numbers on a Single SIM will be allowed to be operated and owned by Warid customers, as the name suggests.

Without carrying two handsets or dual SIM handsets, all the prepaid Warid customers, who can get two numbers on one SIM can avail this service.

Method of Activation:

SMS SUB to 3311, in order to activate your Double Number on your existing SIM.

Positive Features:

  • Blocking Double Number after specific time: To shutdown their Double Number for a specific period of time, the subscribers can specify the schedule. For example everyday from 2 am to 8 am.
  • Black Listing or mobile number blocking: On to the double number, for incoming calls or SMS, some specific mobile numbers can be blocked.
  • Shutting Down: The best feature is that at anytime, you can turn off or on the Double Number.
  • By calling or sending SMS to 3300, you can easily manage your Double Number at any time of the day.
  • AT PKR 0.5/ Min charges will be S300 IVR.
  • The charges of PKR 0.5 will be made for the SMS to 3300.

How it is processed:

From the Double Number pool, the system will randomly select a number, once subscribed and on your Primary Number notification will be sent through an SMS.

Making calls and sending SMS from your Double Number:

Every time when you need to a make a phone call or send SMS from your Double Number, all you have to do is dial 33 before the mobile number.

Simple Example:

If you want to make a call or send an SMS to any number like 03217654321, from your assigned Double Number like 03201234567, then you should dial 3303217654321. On the screen the number 03201234567 will be shown to the receiving Party CLI.

Making calls and sending SMS from your Primary Number:

Simply follow the normal dialing process, if you want to make calls or send SMS from your Primary Number.

Charges of subscription:

  • PKR 7/ Week.

Charges of Calls and SMS from Double Number:

  • Per minute the call charges will be PKR 1.6
  • For every SMS the charges will be PKR 0.5
  • Call and SMS charges from Primary Number: As per package plan, all the Calls and SMS will be charged.

Method of deactivation: 

  • SMS UNSUB to 3300, in order to de-activate the Double Number.

All the Terms, Conditions and Taxes will be applied.


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