Best Apps and Games of 2016 by Apple


The list of best apps of 2016 has been published by Apple now. These apps were not listed according to their number of purchase but instead the list is composed of games that are according to the standard set by Apple.

Prisma” is a photo-editing app that is listed on the top by Apple. It got fame due to its specialty of transforming normal photos in to an artwork.

MSQRD remained runner-up this year while this app is used for face swaps and live filters in photos and videos.

News app ‘Quartz’ remained at 3rd position which is famous for beautiful news presentation and clean design.

Fashion magazine Vogue has its own app which remained at 4th position due to its suitable UI and pictorial presentation.

The 5th spot in this list is taken by ‘Meditation Studio’ which provides a step-by-step guide to the users to get meditation.

Detour is a touring app which is at 6th spot while credit-scoring measuring app ‘Credit Karma’ is next followed by ‘Glasses’ app that will help you to choose your next glasses pair through phone easily.

Another app is Hyper which can create videos’ playlist while flashcards for quick learning on almost any topic is provided by ‘Tinycards’.

Apple has also announced ‘best games’ of this year. ‘Clash Royale’ remained on top of this list which is a reminder of ‘Clash of Clans’. ‘Reigns’ is at 2nd spot as the game is set in medieval times while ‘Plants vs Zombies’ took the 3rd spot.

Puzzle game ‘Twofold inc.’ is at the 4th spot while racing game ‘GP: Renegade’ took 5th spot.



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