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Telenor started the money transfer service in 2009 and since then millions of people use this most beneficial service in the nook and corner of the country daily. This service is unique and most beneficial for the people, who have no bank accounts. Telenor has maintained its outlets across the country and the senders can send their cash to their desired destinations all over Pakistan. The senders can send the cash after showing their CNIC and also mention the name and CNIC number of the receiver at the Telenor money transfer service by going there.

When the cash is sent once, then the receiver can get the cash by showing his own CNIC and the password, which the sender tells to him through the SMS on his mobile phone number. Easypaisa has now started the new service, ‘Doorstep Money Transfer’, which can enable the receivers of the money transfer to get the money at their homes and it will give them comfort to get this amount within 1 working day.

The sender has to go to the Easypaisa shop to book the order or send the money. At this point, he has to send a request for ‘Doorstep Delivery’ by making a call on help line of Easypaisa on 3737 or 111-345-100. When the cash process has been verified, then the amount will be transferred to the desired destination within one working day. The users should note that the usual service charges are applicable over this ‘Doorstep Delivery Service’ and no additional charges are involved in the transfer of cash. This amount is applicable for the domestic remittances for over 2500 rupees only.

The domestic remittances are available across the country on the CNIC of the receiver and he can receive this amount in all major cities of Pakistan and this service is also being undertaken nationwide under their expansion plans.

Nadeem Hussain is the CEO of Tameer Microfinance Bank, who showed his delight over the introduction of this unique and excellent offer. He said that the phenomenal mobile financial services infrastructure has started different avenues to the people of Pakistan, who have to transfer the cash across the country and they do not have any bank account. This service is available round the clock and Telenor started this service of transfer of cash within the country for the first time. There is social empowerment, which is the driving vision behind this easypaisa service and it can help millions of people to transfer their cash through the mobile phone service.

Muhammad Yahya Khan is the Chief Financial Services Officer at Telenor Pakistan and he said that they are committed with the vision to provide the new and excellent ‘Doorstep Money Transfer’, which has solved the Money Transfer Solutions, which are more convenient and accessible for the people, who do not have bank accounts. Now Easypaisa has become the trusted name in Doorstep Money Transfer service and it shows its thanks to the millions of Pakistani, who are using these services, which are provided to large part of the popular through their big branchless banking service within the country.

Easypaisa Home Delivery

Easypaisa Home Delivery


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