First Look for Samsung Galaxy S8


Samsung has launched the new smart phones, Galaxy S8 and S8+ and the colors are also leaked in short time. The hype train picks up the speed with the coming unveiling of S8 on 29March and there are more and more leaks, which are popping up and it is reported by the famous leaker, Evan Blass on the twitter that the image shows the color options for the coming flagship of Samsung. Evan has made other leaks and it turned to be corrected in the past and this information is not discounted easily. The latest and greatest of Samsung is going to look with the new colors.

It becomes clear that the colors will not be features on front bezels or sides. The back will be added with colors but unfortunately we do not have back renders of S8 and S8+. It is suggested by the previous leaks that there are total 7 color options, which are gold, silver, bright, orchid, matte or bright black, blue and pink. It is reported by the set of leaked images of Galaxy S8 and the pictures showed the phone, which is added with TouchWiz UX like interface in Chinese.

Prices and Release Date

The desktop dock is similar to Microsoft Continuum and it is rumored for Samsung phones. It is also known as ‘DeX’ and will work with the attachment of mouse, keyboard and external monitor to dock with smartphone. DeX is rumored to €150 or €161.

The new coming flagship is due to launch at 29 March and the release date for the new smart phone is on 21 April with rumors of floating with suggesting the Samsung to push the date to 29 April.

As far as the price is concerned, Evan leaked the detail of pricing for two flagship phones and Galaxy S8 will cost for €799 which is around $860 and Galaxy S8+ will cost for €899 and it is around $965.



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