LG Unveils 55 inch Transparent TV 2017


LG is a famous technology company and now it has showcased its latest TV of 55” prototype display in Las Vegas during the CES gadget gala.

Transparency is the main thing that differentiates it from others. Its OLED display has much higher transmittance than normal LED panels due to which it shows transparent screen when turned off.

It means that the close TV will look like a window but it will show HD video transmission when it is open again. Though, it is called a transparent TV but it is not completely transparent due to slight opaqueness in its screen.

It is expected that the TV is full HD resolution (1080p) while the transparency level shows that it will not be 4K. LG has tried earlier also to make a transparent TV as it unveiled an 18” clear display some time ago in 2014.

This model of LG comes at a time when the company is in talks with Samsung Electronics for an agreement to supply TV display panels.

Han Sang-beom, CE LG Display, told during the occasion that it will be a deal to continuously supply Samsung such displays if it happens. The details of this deal are not provided by either company, Samsung or LG Display.


LG Display's transparent TV is bananas! #MashCES #CES2017

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