Luxury Smartphone Maker Vertu is Close To Collapse


Luxury Smartphone Maker Vertu

Luxury Smartphone Maker Vertu

The luxury smartphone maker ‘Vertu’, limited to fulfill requirement to rich and famous, is now approaching its end as the company has announced regarding its shut down.

It is surprising to know that the UK based company could not find a buyer for its luxury $46,600 worth polished 18-carat red gold phone that saw lot of hype at the time of its launch. According to reports, the reason of collapse of the company is its accounting deficit of 128 million pound.

Vertu is having a difficult time since past few years. In 2015, the company was bought by a Chinese holding firm which later sold it in March 2017 to a Turkish exile.

Same happened with the company’s $19,000 Pure Jet Red Gold phones which could not get success despite initial hype.

There were specific alert and ring tones in this device by Vertu composed by the London Symphony Orchestra but even that couldn’t convince the customers to purchase the phone.

Vertu announced its latest luxury device in January this year named ‘Constellation’. The device is made with beautiful material anodized aluminium wrapped in soft leather from tannery in Italy.

The smartphone had 5.5” Quad HD display with support of NFC for Android Pay and fingerprint. You can take and store great photos and videos with 12 MP camera available with 128 GB internal storage and 3220 mAh battery.

They were hopeful that people would love to purchase these precious devices but even the richest people in the world decided to purchase iPhone instead of Vertu.


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