Microsoft Nokia 215 Features, Specs & Price in Pakistan


Nokia 215 will be the most reasonably priced Internet-ready entry-level phone of Microsoft, according to the claim made by the company while the price of Nokia 215 will be $29 before subsidies and taxes.

Built for the internet

The main focus of the phone is on those who want an internet-ready secondary phone and those who are using internet for the first time and that’s why MSN Messenger and Facebook are pre-installed in Nokia 215 to make it easier for the users to chat with friends. You can also know about the world happening around you due to the presence of Twitter on Nokia 215.

The browsing requirements of Nokia 215 users are completed with the inclusion of Bing Search and Opera Mini Browser. If you want to know hourly or 5 day forecast of the weather of your area, then you can also do so with MSN weather.

Bluetooth and SLAM technology are other connectivity options in Nokia 215 as they will help to connect you through headset, speaker or files.

Nokia 215

Nokia 215

Built to last

The design of Nokia 215 is such that will last longer while the colors are also magnificent including white, bright green and white.

A Month Long Battery

The single SIM Nokia 215 has 29 days standby time which you can get with one time charge while 20 hours of talk time is also possible with Nokia 215. A majestic 50 hours of playback is also available with Nokia 215 if you want to play MP3 of FM Radio. Another important spec of Nokia 215 is the torchlight the top of device that will help you in dark nights and other occasions when electricity is down.

Pricing and Availability

Nokia 215

Nokia 215

In selected markets, the Nokia 215 will be available soon in the initial stage in 2015 first quarter where it will be ready to sell in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Apart from taxes and subsides, the price of Nokia 215 will be only $29.

According to estimates, the price of Nokia 215 in Pakistan will be between Rs. 3000 and Rs. 3500.


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