Mobile App for Past Super Hit Game Super Mario Run


New York, earlier the people went to the shops to play the ‘Super Mario Run’ game and now these people should be ready that they can play this game on their own mobile phones.

The designer of Super Mario Run game, Teddy Deff said that super Mario game got tremendous applause at its time and now the application has been prepared for this game. However, the mobile phone application will be available only for iPhone users for only 10 dollars. He also told that there is short part of the game in the free version of the super Mario run game, in which the initial rounds of the game are given. The users can download the complete game in their iPhone for 10 dollars in America and for 8pounds in UK.

On the other side, the users are worried about making payment for the downloading of the game, super Mario run. They say that various companies are providing free games to their users on their mobile phones but it is unjust to pay for the new game, super Mario run. There are only six rounds in the free version and they are also very brief. So the designer should provide free version of the game to the users.


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