Mobile Gaming Revenues cross 18% to Over $40 Billion


During the year 2016, the mobile gaming market crossed another milestone with the record heights of $40 billion and the growth in the earning shows the rise of 18% in a year and it is worth about half of the digital gaming market of the world, which is revealed by SuperData Research and Unity Technologies.

It shows that people are playing more games than before and the developing markets are also experienced with the biggest boom in this field. On the gaming, time spent was risen by 12% on iOS and the preferred platform for mobile gaming and 9% on the Android and this is the larger market with 78% of gamers. The average time spent on the gaming now stands at about 340 minutes each.

The Asian market generated 62% of the combined revenue and it earned the developers of $24.8 billion and after that North America with $6.9 billion and Europe with $5.7 billion.

There are various popular games are puzzle, action and simulation based games. The report shows VR as the potent platform with the revenue of $1.8 billion through the year when 6.3 million units are sold. The most of the games are shared on Gear VR of Samsung and the handsets are priced at the lower rate, which are compared to the offerings from Oculus, HTC and Sony.

Games are getting more popular and it is the faster and engaging medium than the TV shows or movies and they are consumed by people on average of 5 days per week as compared to 6 for games.


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