Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Battery Capacity


There are the rumors of the release of the smart phones and with the Mobile World Congress is going to be conducted. Now we are getting more and more information about the new coming flagship smart phones and it is expected that these smart phones will be released at this event. Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Battery Capacity. Now we are going to share the fresh new information about the release of Samsung Galaxy S10 and the lite version is in particular.

Leaked Image

The South Korean consumer product certification department said that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is providing the smart phones with the 3100 mAh battery. Although this is not lot of battery capacity but it is on the lower end of scale by going by the current flagship standards.

No Graphene

The rumors, which were released earlier, pointed to the unique grapheme battery for S10 and this leak has proved it wrong. Now S10 Lite would not have the grapheme battery and it will be provided in the market with standard Li-ion and it is entirely possible that Samsung will outfit the more powerful and S10 and S10 plus with the grapheme battery.

The low end Galaxy S10 Lite might be revealed with flat 18:9 aspect ratio display and it is powered by in house Exynos 9 Octa 9820 processor of Samsung.


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