Sindh Police Arrested Shopkeepers Selling Mobile phone with Changed IMEI


Sindh Police conducted the raid in Saddar area in Karachi and they have arrested two shopkeepers, who sold the stolen phones after changing their IMEI numbers.

It is reported that these shopkeepers was involved in selling the stolen mobile phones after changing their IMEIs. It is said that these shopkeepers bought the stolen or snatched and blocked mobile phones from the customers for about Rs.3,000 and these handsets were sold in the market.

Sindh Investigation Unit 9SIU of Sindh Police and Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) have done these raids on the mobile phone shops located in Saddar. Deputy Superintendant of Police (DSP) SIU and Chairman of Electronic market Association accompanied the police to make these raids. The Senior Superintendant of Police (SSP) said that the raiding team detained two shopkeepers and they found some devices from the custody of these shopkeepers.

The Sindh police arrested the shopkeepers in which Mohammad Waqas of Canan Communication in Al-Haroon Market and Danish of Qawaswa Communications in Coins Code Market. He further added that the shopkeepers made the contact with the street criminals, who were responsible in snatching the mobile phones and they have IMEI, which were changed from these shops.

The SSP further added that they are facilitators of the criminals and the cases are under the ATC and it will be registered against them. The police department sent 5 policemen in the plainclothes and they showed that they are the regular customers in the market and they nab the culprits. It is also added that many shopkeepers were ready to unblock their all blocked mobile phones.

Put An End to Mobile Snatching

Chairman of Electronics Market Association said that these illegal works will not be supported in the market and he will support police to eliminate such activities. Such types of the raids can stop other street crimes and these raids will give message to the shopkeepers that the individuals involved in such types of activities like changing of IMEI and other illegal activities will be brought to justice.

Crackdown against Second Hand Phones

Sindh Chief Minister issued orders for crackdown against the sale and purchase of the second hand mobile phones, which are available in the market. CM also said that he is not happy with the statistics, which were presented to him for the street crimes during the cabinet meeting.

The timely decision was made with the increase in the street crimes in Karachi and it was witnessed in the recent months. Sindh Police instructed to deploy 10,000 additional police officials in the city streets to control the number of street crimes and it also boosts the security arrangements.


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