Social Media App Worth 12 Lac Annual Fee Introduced for Rich People


Washington, Everything is different for the richest people. Now a new social media app is introduced for them and the annual fee of this social media app is 12 thousand dollars which means 12 lac rupees.

This app is introduced for $1000 per months for the newly rich people or the richest people. This app is also provided at the shop freely but you cannot add your post in the free version. You need membership to add post and pictures in your account and you will have to pay one lac rupees per month and this platform is away from the access of the common people, which is looking snap chat.

When you become the member of the rich kids, you can look at the richest life style of the rich people and you can also add your video and images in it. The Rich Kids company said that this platform has two big aims that they should provide the richest people the circle like them and their life style. The second aim is that the money getting through this source will be spent on the poor people. When they pay $1000 per month, then this platform provides them various important services.

According to the CEO of the company, the amount getting through this platform, the one third amount will be donated to the departments, who are working to alleviate the poverty. Various social media users said that this app is suitable for the wealthy and egotist people. The critics said that there is no special feature in this app for which they spend the amount and as far as the help is concerned, they are spending more money than this amount, which they will spend on the poor people.


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