Success of Pokemon Go Apple To Invest in Augmented Reality


We expect most of the people will be aware about the new ‘Pokemon Go’ game. Now it seems staff at Apple is also quite impressed with the success of this game. The company has just recently announced that it has started investment in augmented reality and they are looking for this on the long run.

Tim Cook said that they are investing a lot in AR as it is a great experience for long term benefit as they provide commercial opportunity due to customer’s interest. First thing they are doing is to make their products work well with products of other developers like ‘Pokemon’ and many people are using iPhones to catch Pokemons.

Cook added that the recent success of ‘Pokemon’ shows that new and innovative apps are getting popularity among the masses and they can also offer such product around the world as a developer.

This year, Google will also start presenting Daydream platform on Android which shows that many companies will make experience such things in future.

Lstly, Tim Cook called it ‘Poke-man’ which seems they are preparing for such thing quite quickly.


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