Viber launches Secret Chats


A new feature has recently been released by messaging platform ‘Viber’ after which users can send messages in a secret chat window that will be eliminated automatically after a particular time.

Secret Chats’ is the name of this new feature that will provide advance privacy to the customers and their customers will remain under their control.

Viber told in a blog that users can set a time to self-destruct their conversation with ‘Secret Chats’. Forwarding messages are not possible in this service while screenshots are either altered by instant notifications or are totally unavailable.

Taking screenshots of a conversation in this service is also not easy. Android users will not be able to take screenshots while using the service while iOS users can take screenshots but this action will be alerted by Viber to other users.

There is also an option that windows of two conversations can be opened at the same time and a person can view a normal chat and a secret chat simultaneously. Secret chats will be differentiated from normal chats as a lock symbol will be seen on protected conversations.

The Viber added that the users can now use their service without any hesitation or limitations.

Both Android and iOS users can easily use this feature now.



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