WhatsApp add Un-Send Option to Take Back Wrongly Sent SMS


Washington, WhatsApp is social media site to call or send message to the users. Sometimes, people send the message on the wrong number by mistake and it creates problems for the senders. Now WhatsApp has introduced the option, then they can take back their message, which is sent there by mistake. This situation creates great inconvenience for the users and now WhatsApp has solved this issue of their users.

This new feature helps the users to take back the text within five minutes, which is sent on the wrong number by mistake. This feature is also given in the new Beta release of WhatsApp and it remains useful, if the receiver does not read it. WhatsApp did not make it clear that they are introducing this feature or not and when it will be appeared. But there are some news that iOS version will be released very soon. It is declared in the official tweet of the company that the ‘Re-Work’ feature is given the name of ‘un-send’ option and it will be made available very soon.

The analysts said that it will be made part of the next official iOS and it is expected that the placement and font short cuts will also be included in it. There is another ‘change number’ option in it and the users can change their numbers and they can include it in the WhatsApp.




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