WhatsApp Gold Version Hack Spam


WhatsApp customers are nowadays getting the message of “get WhatsApp Gold” but it is just a fraud and should not be downloaded.

The customers of famous messaging application Whatt App are facing a fraud of “WhatsApp Gold”. Most of the customers are getting the messages in which they are given good news that Gold version of WhatsApp has been leaked and you can get it free. It is also told that features like video calling, free calling, sending of 100 pictures simultaneously and deleting any message are also present in this new version. It is also claimed that this new version is only for famous personalities but you can also get it free.

But it should be cleared that all these messages are fraud because latest WhatsApp version will automatically update to you or you should download it from the official app store. There is no gold version of WhatsApp.

The link given in this fake message will take you to a spam website. If you have already installed this fake gold version of WhatsApp then it should be un-installed instantly.



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