Worlds First 4K 60 FPS Action Camera by Xioami


Xiaomi is introducing new categories of the mobile phones and it is also introducing the catch-ups. It is the 4K+ action camera and it is the first camera in the world, which helps in recording 4K videos at 60 fps. The brand has introduced the new 14 nm Ambarella H2 chipset with the 4 ARM Cortes-A53 cores. It is also added with 2 GB worth RAM.

The smart phone is added with front 12.3 MP Sony camera with IMX 377 lens with ½.3 inch CMOS sensor and it supported for features like electronic image stabilization and RAW support with VR headset support. Besides 4K 60 fps video, the clients can record 1080p videos at 120 frames per second or 729p at the wonderful speed of 240 frames per second. Yi 4K+ can control the voice commands to start or stop the video and it can also be used to take the photo during recording. It has 2.91 inch touch screen on the back and it can be used the alternative of it.

The camera has solitary USB Type-C port and the clear sign of the technology, which is expanding everywhere and it can transfer videos at the speed of 40 Mbps or it can be connected with external accessories, from which the older model is supported. There is the dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. The separate case will be taken with 4K+, which can help to make it waterproof.

The price of the Xiaomi of its latest action camera at $199 and how the company is offering its price, which can be compared to the market and the prices on the home market will be higher.



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