Zong Looking to Test 5G with First Group of Global Operators


The reports show that Zong wants to join the global group of early operators and vendors IMT Advanced Group that will test consumer based 5G technology in 2020 at the time of its launch.

Now, there is no doubt that Zong is trying to be a part of early test of 5G technology for consumers by joining these global players but it was not officially confirmed by Zong.

We are also told by sources that Zong has requested the use of 5G on trial basis from PTA. Prior to that, the companies were given 3G technology in 2014 but before that Zong and other companies were allowed to use 3G service on trial basis by PTA.

Pakistani IT Minister Anusha Rehman confirmed recently, without naming Zong, that they are make Pakistan test the 5G services before most of other countries would do so.

The reports say that Houlin Zhao, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) secretary general, is in Pakistan these days while Mr. Zhao visited the HQ of Zong few days ago during which he was told about the desire of Zong to participate in the consumer trial of 5G technology. It is also important to know that lab tests of 5G are ongoing.

The speed of several hundred MBs can be achievable through 5G technology, according to the initial tests.

If things go well in future then Zong could be the first cellular company in Pakistan to offer 5G services while it was also the first company in the country with 4G technology.


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