Zong to give 100,000 students 3G services under PM Laptop Scheme


A contract has been signed between HEC and Zong to provide wireless broadband services along with laptops under the PM Laptop scheme phase 2to the university students across Pakistan.

100,000 3G Dongles and laptops will be provided to the qualifying students by Zong under this contract in the whole country.
The objective of this contract between Zong and HEC is to provide fast and reliable internet connectivity across the country to students through this wireless broadband services which is helpful to enhance their knowledge.

Zong’s CEO and Chairman Mr Liu Dianfeng said that education is necessary to provide progress of a nation and they appreciate the initiative of PM Nawaz Sharif to put stress on education for the betterment of Pakistani people. It is responsibility of Zong to contribute in strengthening of the social sector.

This spirit forced them to move forward and help Pakistani Govt. to implement PM Laptop Scheme phase 2 for the advantage of thousands of Pakistani students.

These students will be given wireless internet facility through Global Education Resources which is available on Digital Library of HEC through Pakistan Education & Research Network (PERN).

This program will allow students to access Digital Library resources across Pakistan anytime, anywhere while before that these HEC Digital Library resources were only available in the campuses of the specific universities.

Endless internet services will also be available to the students apart from HEC Digital Library through these 3G internet dongles from Zong.
For the first three months, free 3G internet services will be available to the students with these dongles while they can get further internet after this time period with Zong 3G tariffs.

Zong HEC MoU Sigining

Zong HEC MoU Sigining

Mukhtar Ahmed, Charman HEC, said that 47 million students including 2.6 million higher education students are making their social life better through education while PM vision 2025 will provide more valuable educational means to them.

Innovation Centers, R&D Centers and E-Classrooms will be built together by Zong and HEC for youth while innovative ideas for Pakistani youth will be implemented also through this collaboration. HEC will also design, implement and execute this project with the help from Zong.

Selection of 100,000 public university students will be made to distribute free dongles and laptops whiel list of students, selection criteria and other details will be provided by specific public universities all across Pakistan.



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