All About SimSim Mobile Wallet App


SimSim is the mobile wallet app and it has received regulatory approval from State Bank of Pakistan on 12 May. SBP has granted this approval to SimSim under the provision of Branchless Banking Regulation framework.

The mobile phone app, SimSim is prepared with the mutual cooperation of FINCA Microfinance Bank Limited and FINJA private limited. This is the first time that a bank and the fintech have made the partnership with each other for the creation of digital financial product.

The mobile phone app, SimSim has completed the beta pilot successfully before getting the approval from SBP. It has recorded the PKR 600 million in transactions with 30,000 in self registered mobile wallet account with the retail network of 500 participating merchants.

The SimSim is acted through the innovative and automated process, which relies on the integration and machine learning of NADRA with the valid CNIC to create the SimSim branchless bank account in one minute with the use of internet enabled mobile phones.

Through 1-Link, SimSim is connected to other banks for the instant transfer and ATM cards are provided for cash withdrawals. The payments are made through SimSim, which are free for receiving and sending users and their mobile phone numbers work as the bank account numbers.

The CEO of FINJA private limited said while discussing on the future plans for SimSim that it is not simply a product or app but it is movement to get free digital commerce in Pakistan. The co-founder of FINJA private limited added that it is convenient to become part of the SimSim network and it positions it as the platform where users can spread and grow their income without any friction. If you want to become the part of SimSim network, anyone has to do is download the app from the Apply App Store or from the Google Pay Store and set up their wallet.


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