Apple Introduces Wireless Charging Feature In MacBook


The Cupertino tech giant, Apple has patented a wireless charging dock for its MacBook. The iphone maker reportedly revealed 40 patent cases in two papers. According to publication, Apple plans to equip wireless charging coils into its MacBooks. The coils will be used for dual charging like MacBook and other devices connected to MacBook as well.

In the diagrams below, a MacBook is shown while charging an Apple watch and an iPhone that shows the interdependency of Apple products with each other in an efficient way to work together.

According to patent:

“A portable electronic device comprising: an enclosure having a back surface and defining an opening opposite from the back surface; a display positioned within the opening of the enclosure; a first inductive coil and a second inductive coil positioned separate from the first inductive coil, both the first inductive coil and the second inductive coil being positioned within the enclosure and between the display and the back surface of the enclosure, and operable to wirelessly transmit power to, or receive power from, an external device positioned proximate to the enclosure; and a first alignment component positioned adjacent to the first inductive coil and a second alignment component positioned adjacent to the second inductive coil, wherein the first alignment component is arranged in a first configuration, and the second alignment component is arranged in a second configuration different from the first configuration”

Apple is not a first to introduce the wireless charging in its laptops. The Dell has already launched its Dell Latitude laptop 7285 with wireless charging support in 2017 and it was a first laptop with wireless charging feature.


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