Bones of Video Addicted Children Become Weak


London, The children, who play the video games daily for many hours, they face many physical problems and the weakness in the bones is also revealed in such children.

In the research journal, ‘BMJ Case Report’ it is revealed about the British child and it is stated that such kid was addicted of playing the video games for many hours daily and he faces the obesity. The children can also face some other problems like weakness in the bones and the bones can be broken. It is stated in the medial science that physical activity like game and exercise is necessary for the young child to take part along with study during their childhood and young age as they can help in the growth of their body and mind.

In this context, the experts warn that the children do not let to play the video games for many hours because children sit there for long time and their body does not have any physical activity so they face obesity and they face many diseases in their young age. The scientists show their danger in different studies that as a result of playing the video games consistently, the bones of the children can become weak and it is the first incident in UK that a child is observed suffering with arthritis and severe weakness in the bones.

The age from birth to 24 years, this age is called the age of growth and different body parts of the children are grown up during this period. There is also great tendency of the healthy and strength in the human body from 35 to 40 years age, the human body starts declining and the whole body starts becoming weak along with bones. Then various diets and physical exercises are suggested to avoid these symptoms.

When these symptoms are appeared in the children, who like to play the video games, it favors the concerns, which various experts expressed from time to time. It is easy to keep away from these symptoms as suggested in the BMJ case report that parents allow their children to play for one hour in the open daily so that they can get vitamin D, which is necessary for the growth of the bones.



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