Chinese Researchers Designed A Thermos For Charging Phones


The researchers Beijing Institute of Space Vehicle Systems Engineering of the Rocket Academy have made an innovative development regarding the charging technology of the mobile phones.

The researchers have developed a mug that uses thermal energy to double the power and stores it as a power bank from a hot liquid. According to researchers aerospace technology is used to complete this process that uses high-performance thermoelectric conversion technology from the aerospace field. The mug directly charges the Smartphones by using heat from the liquid.

According to researchers, the mug is made portable. It has storage capacity for two cups. The cup has ability to store heat above 65 degrees centigrade or below the 9 degree centigrade for the time period of 6 hours. The mug converts the thermal energy to electrical energy when it acts as a power bank. It will be useful for wireless charging in those areas where the electricity facility is not available.


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