Connect Zong 4G to Stay United


As there is coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan and people have to utilize the cell phone services to carry on their online services. Zong 4G offers the comprehensive plan in order to maintain the network services, facilitate the customers, assist government authorities in order to ensure the consistency of economic functions digitally. Connect Zong 4G to Stay United.

Zong 4G

Zong 4G

The Zong has developed the strategy to ensure their services during the COVID-19 crisis, and they will provide the uninterrupted services after maintaining the connectivity for the customers and businesses. Zong has also initiated the aware drive all over the country through different channels.

Connect Zong 4g and stay united

Connect Zong 4g and stay united

Zong has announced the 6 point responsive plan, which is added with:

1.         Augmenting Network capacity

2.         Facilitating the customers

3.         Special Offers

4.         Supporting Important government departments      

5.         COVID-19 Updates for customers

6.         Social awareness

Zong 4G has taken different initiatives to ensure that Zong remains in touch with its loyal customers.

  • Maintaining capacity and reliability of network
  • Facilitating customers while working from home by providing best connectivity services
  • Removal of balance share fee from person to person
  • Free access to COVID and WHO websites
  • Change RBT to official government provided information regarding COVID-19
  • Provide necessary COVID-19 updates with healthcare information
  • Creation of social awareness through all channels
  • Extension of balance validities for customers

The company is providing all necessary facilities to ensure their loyal customers that their teams are working round the clock to ensure that their customers stay connected with others. The purpose and desire of Zong is to connect the people and organization through their communication services, mobile connectivity and their corporate and IoT solutions.


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