Google Photos Introduces 3D Cinematic Photos With Other Amazing Features


Google Photos allows users to manage their gallery with their favorite photos and videos to save their memories. Google has been introducing a lot features for its Google Photos services with the passage of time. The search engine giant is now coming up with another remarkable feature with its Google Photos. Google has announced the 3D Cinematic Photos with various interesting features as well.

The 3D Cinematic Photos feature allows user to capture the real life experience with an enhanced and better photography experience.

According to announcement of the Google:

“Google has used machine learning to predict an image’s depth and produce a 3D representation of the scene—even if the original image doesn’t include depth information from the camera.”

The Google Photos can calculate the depth of the camera depth sensor of the mobiles via ARCore and the Portrait Mode Pixel’s Camera app. The same technology is used to separate the background of the image. All process is revealed in an official Twitter post.

Google also automatically creates the 3D Cinematic Photos and saves as Recent Highlights section of the app even if photos are not created manually. These images will be saved in the library automatically and can be shared also. Google also bringing a wide variety of college designs that feature: “richer, artistically designed layouts populated and stylized using AI.”

Google Photos is bringing both two features to all users by the next month.


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