Here’s A Comparison Between iPhone 12’s Ceramic Shield and Regular Smartphone Glass


The Apple’s iPhone 12 series features a new “ceramic shield” at the top of the display, which seeks to improve drop resistance and scratch resistance as well. Not surprisingly, it still scratches the castle’s hardness scale to level 6, just like ordinary glass, Jerry Rig Everything’s  latest stability test shows.

During Zack’s minor scratch test, the screen of the iPhone 12 Pro was scratched on a level 6 and it showed deep grooves on level 7, although the scratches look more vague than usual, but the results are different from normal smartphones. This is not surprising since Apple often prefers to use Buzzwords in markets that do not bring real improvements.

Otherwise, the iPhone 12 performed significantly during the test. The stainless steel sides and matte back panel are quite scratch resistant and so is the camera bump. The burn test did not damage the OLED display at all, even after more than 30 seconds of exposure. This is likely due to the reduced heat caused by the ceramic. The overall development of the phone is quite strong, does not show any twist or turn during the turn test.


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