Here’s The iPhone 12 And iPhone 12 Mini Durability Test


The iPhone has recently launched its flagship devices iPhone 12 and iPhone Mini. Both devices are same regarding hardware but iPhone 12 Mini is comparatively small in size. Recently JerryRigEverything, a renowned durability test was taken for the both smartphones. In this test both devices experienced a remarkable sturdiness and durability. Now the other two siblings in the lineup, the iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max have appeared on the durability test and they are no different. During the durability test the it was found that ceramic shield protection on the screen was more scratch-resistant on both smartphones. Though it does get scratched at levels 6 and 7 at Moh’s hardness scale, the scratches left behind were fainter than other smartphones.

The iPhone 12 Mini gets more noticeable scratches because it has an aluminum coating, while the Pro Max has stainless steel features that make it more resistant. The back of both the phones is also scratch resistant.

Burning and bending tests were no different. When the open flame was dug for more than 50 seconds, the screens of both phones were not damaged. The olive phobic coating on the screen melted but the pixels did not cause any damage. Neither phone showed any signs of fluttering or structural damage during the bend test.


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