Huawei Patents A Foldable Device Like Moto Razr


The Chinese tech company Huawei has been launching its foldable devices since past year to provide its valuable customers with the devices with latest foldable technology. The company has uncovered various devices like Samsung Galaxy Fold and Moto Razr etc. The latest patent shows a complex hinge design that aims to eliminate the crease on foldable screens.

The company has already filed this patent previous year but it was teased last month which shows that this foldable smart phone is older than any previously launched device. It is finished with a complex hinge design to eliminate creases by designing it in modular form and appearance. Smartphone Featured” width=”807″ height=”479″ />
This OLED panel makes phone to contract and expand once while shutting and opening to prevent the screen from being completely folded once the device is closed. If implemented correctly, it will provide a crease-free foldable experience that is yet to be seen on most foldable phones.

It will be completely different from Huawei Mate X phones currently available in the market as it is finished with the new hinge mechanism same as in Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr.


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