Leakage of Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Design and Color


Samsung makes the digital appearance at MWC 2021 event this week and this company is expected to declare number of new devices and one of these, is expected to be Galaxy Buds next generation. The Galaxy Buds 2 TWS earphones have been in rumors and now they have appeared in leaked images and they show the design of buds and color options. The enthusiasts look for the Leakage of Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Design and Color.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 look like Galaxy Buds Pro and now they are available in minimum 4 colors including black, green, white and purple. The inside of the case of these buds have the similar color but the outside off the case will be while for all types of buds. They have two LEDs and one on the inside and the other is outside. 

Galaxy Buds 2 will feature the rubber tips, which can enable them for passive noise cancellation. You can also find single microphone outside and one inside. The inner side will have charging connectors and sensors for the wearing detection.


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