LG Sells Velvet 2 Pro for Cheap to its Employees


LG is going to depart from the industry of smart phone and some smart phones like Velvet 2 Pro and LG Rollable phones were in the production phase. The company has enabled the manufacturer to prepare limited number of units of some models and the employees of this company in South Korea have the opportunity to buy the unreleased devices of this company.

The company has not revealed the pricing and unit quantity on LG Rollable as there is solid information on Velvet 2 Pro. The leak of this phone shows that LG offers about 3000 units to the employees at $170 per device. The company has imposed the restrictions over the sale of these units and employees cannot buy over 2 devices and the resale of these units will be completely prohibited. The employees will get these mobiles and they will be eligible for 6 months hard ware warranty and they will not get any software updates. The company has made it clear for LG Sells Velvet 2 Pro for Cheap to its Employees.

 Velvet 2 Pro is available in enticing colors like black, ivory and bronze colors and the image has the sneak peek of Ivory white model and this design is similar to first gen velvet with triple camera setup.


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