Nvidia Max Q Brings Gaming Chops to Ultrabooks


Nvidia has declared the new Max-Q design platform at Computex 2017 and it is proved radical for laptop designs.

Gaming Laptops the Size of A Macbook

The GTX 1080 on the laptop adds the new design and it requires the air vents for smoother operation. Max-Q will slim the notebooks down to the 17.9 mm, which have the weight of 2.3 kg about the thickness of MacBook. It is the big improvement over the GTX 880 era laptops used to weight up to 5 kg with 51 mm width on average. The laptop has the aesthetics from the Razer, which has the features of GTX 1060 and the GTX 1080 is made available to such designs, the users will see the boost in the performance of up to 1.7 x times.

Max-Q will allow the machines to the half of the consumption of normal GTX 1080 and Nvidia says that it will require collaboration on deeper level of the company and the partners and all of the efforts of the construction goes to the noise control and heat dissipation.

ASUS Zephyrus

ASUS Zephyrus is the first machine to come at Computex and it offers GTX 1080 and 120 Hz G-Sync monitor at under 18 mm waistline and 39 dBA of fan noise. This machine has the design to lift up when it is opened to allow for additional airflow. The laptop brings the boost of 60% of the graphical power over PS4 Pro. It is added with an optional Whisper Mode and it likely turns down the graphics in action packed game sequences. The implications of thin design on battery life are required to be noted.

Issues of Price

There is the pricing issue and PS4 Pro offers the best value in the industry and the competing options from the companies like ASUS will cost a lot more. The gaming laptop is one of the fastest growing in the industry and we have much needed boost to compete against the gaming PCs.


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