Over 2000 Employees of Warid BCS & LDN offered Jobs at Jazz


Jazz announced that the company offered jobs to over 2000 employees with full time and permanent contracts. The permanent employees of Jazz and the work force of Warid and other departments of Jazz including BCS and LDN.

When Warid Telecom is merged with Jazz, the unification of both Mobilink and Warid came under the brand identity of Jazz. The voice to data and from 3G to 4G, the digital revolution is being carried out, which gives us new and unlimited possibilities. The CEO of Jazz said that they became the single brand and now they are Jazz on the internal and external sides.

Jazz offers its employees various new and tremendous benefits in this industry and from fresh entrants to the experienced professionals; they are placed at the better place. They are also offered various new benefits like better medical and life insurances with transportation perks.  Jazz has reorganized its whole business process and it has re-worked on its internal architecture and it has moved from ten to six organizational layers.

The change in the company enables the soft flow of communication and ensures quick decision making for the benefits of the customers and it also presents growth opportunities for its employees. Jazz also said that it is the customer possessed, inventive, commercial and mutual in all aspect of the business.



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