PTA Approves Mobile Device Manufacturing Regulations 2021


The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA has officially approved the “Mobile Device Manufacturing MDM Regulations 2021. The new MDM regulation schedule A will be implemented from 25th January 2021.

According to the notification, 8 percent device mobile devices must be manufactured locally with a title “Made in Pakistan” by the end of two years.

To ensure the localization of the mobile device, the manufacture has to follow the given steps.

After completion of one year, 2 percent of total devices must be manufactured locally, 2 percent of total manufactured device chargers to be produced locally, 1 percent of total manufactured device hand-free to be produced locally, 10 percent of total manufactured device Motherboard Assembly (PCBA) to be produced locally, at the end of 2nd year, 8 percent of total manufactured device to be done locally, 8 percent of total manufactured device display screens and components to be produced locally, 10 percent of total manufactured device batteries to be produced locally.

The obligations of the Authorization holder are

  1. Authorization Holder will develop a completely automated online searchable system with access to PTA which shall hold complete device record e.g. serial number, programmed IMEI on the device, the color of the device, year of manufacturing etc. and shall integrate with PTA system prescribed from time to time;
  2. Authorization Holder shall obtain ISO 9001 certification within two years from the issuance of manufacturing Authorization and shall submit the same to PTA. Furthermore, upon certification, the Authorization Holder shall publish quarterly ISO 9001 related reports on its website. Furthermore, Authorization Holder to obtain any other certification as directed by the Authority from time to time;
  3. Authorization Holder shall certify to comply with all International and Local Safety & Environmental standards and obtain certification from certification bodies within one year from the issuance of Authorization. by the Authority;
  4. Authorization Holder will ensure a minimal covered area space of 4000 Square feet for the establishment of its manufacturing facility. Moreover, employees need to be equipped with proper attire/gear to ensure safety standards as per best international Practices;
  5. In case of re-location and or expansion of existing manufacturing facility, Authorization Holder shall notify PTA in writing at least sixty (60) days in advance and invite PIA for inspection within thirty (30) days from operations to evaluate changes carried out;
  6. Authorization Holder shall ensure that Finished Product Box/Accessories etc. shall have CE Certification etching as well as visible labeling/marking for each manufactured device showing “Manufactured in Pakistan”;
  7. Authorization holder shall obtain PTA type approval for each model under its own company name prior to manufacturing and shall ensure that device is programmed with valid GSMA TAC (excluding any blacklisted TAC by the Authority);
  8. Authorization holder shall ensure to program all emergency helpline codes within its mobile devices within two (2) years of its operations for general public facilitation; (i) Authorization Holder shall introduce Urdu language functionality within its manufactured devices within two (2) years of operations to create ease for local consumers;
  9. Authorization Holder will place an awareness leaflet on each finished product educating the consumer on how to verify device IMEI status through DIRBS as well as print the programmed IMEI numbers of the device on each box;
  10. Authorization holder shall setup after sales/service centers for consumer facilitation and complaint resolution within one (1) year of commencement of its operations;
  11. Authorization Holder shall establish a fully functional website as well as the official domain name, email & mailing addresses for correspondence as well as publishing of its after-sales services addresses and contact details on its website;
  12. Authorization Holder will register all manufactured mobile devices along with IMEI and obtain a Certificate of compliance to technical standards/permissions for parts as well as finished product ‘by applying via DIRBS portal or any other mechanism prescribed by PTA from time to time. The applicant will publish a yearly report on manufactured devices for the general public and place it on their website;
  13. The applicant shall submit an undertaking from its CEO/BoD on Stamp paper (Rs 50/- or above), that applicant will only manufacturer PTA type-approved mobile devices for which it has obtained manufacturing Authorization from Brand Owner/Principal/OEM and shall not manufacture any other brand.


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