Samsung Is Rumored To Manufacture Galaxy Buds 2


Samsung is working on its fifth pair of TWS ear buds. Presumably they are called Galaxy Bud 2. The name was found in a tear from the latest version of the Galaxy Wear APK.

The telephony also revealed that the headphones have been dubbed “Barry” and will come with support for multiple device contacts. It will be compatible with non-Samsung devices as well as tablets. So far, that’s all we know about the upcoming device.

If we look at the company’s release portfolio, last year it announced the Galaxy Buds + as well as the Galaxy S20 series, and at the end of the year the Galaxy Buds remain in between. So, based on that, it can be speculated that the Galaxy Bud 2 will be released later this year. However, they are more likely to sit under the Galaxy Buds Pro and come with better features such as better battery life, a better design, and better audio quality.



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