Samsung To Give A Surprise To Its Fans On 15 December 2020


The South Korean OEM, Samsung is ready to unveil the Galaxy S21 Series next year at the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show CES. The company is about to host another event for a secret announcement on 15 December 2020.

Samsung has released a short video with an animation “Thank You”, “Please stay tuned until December 15” for its fans who supported it. As we already know that Samsung is all set to bring its own flagship chipset Eynos and it is teased in the trailer company is ready to showcase Eynose 2100 processor on 15 December 2020. The Geekbench has already teased the upcoming processor in September. As per details of the Geekbench the new chipset is a 5nm chipset with eight CPU cores arranged in a 1+3+4 arrangement. The main core is clocked at 2.91GHz, the three performance cores are clocked at 2.81GHz, and the efficiency cores are clocked at 2.21GHz.

Like Snapdragon Qualcomm 888, Eynos 2100 is also most awaited processor of the year. It is claimed that it will have a performance like Snapdragon 888. According to some reports and news, in the Galaxy 21 series Samsung will use its own flagship Eynose 2100 for some countries while Snapdragon 888 will be powered for the US and China.


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