Samsung to Reveal The Cause of Note 7 Explosions


Samsung hasn’t released any reason for the disaster of its Galaxy Note 7 while it may be trying to end this issue quietly.

But now it seems the company has decided to give reason behind discontinuing its device and it will be revealed before the end of this year. Samsung started its latest investigation on this issue on 11th November 2016.

A Samsung’s official told that they are trying to find all the possibilities in order to get the real cause of the problems so that they can get complete result instead of ending the investigation in haste without proper understanding.

After its launch in August, Samsung sold 4.3 million units of Note 7 but it later ended with loss of $17 billion due to several fire related accidents and two recalls of the device which ended in the discontinuation of the device and now Samsung is considering its new Galaxy S8 as its savior.

Soon after the start of the Note 7 incident, the company remained under pressure from investors and now it seems that the company can split in two that will change its structure. This would help the company to get efficiency. It will also help to get listing on foreign stock exchange like NASDAQ similar to several of other cellular companies.



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