Sindh Police Traces Calls through new 4G Call Locators


Sindh police got the 4G mobile phone call locator systems having worth of multi million rupees. Now Sindh police is able to trace the calls.

Before this, the call bugging or call or phone tracing was limited to the intelligence agencies and by getting this system, Sindh Police and the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) get this technology and they will use it to trace the criminals.

New Call Locator Systems are 4G Enabled

The trained officials of the CTD will operate this system and they will deal with the heinous crimes. Other departments will also get the services of CTD to get information regarding this system as and when they required.

The enforcement agencies will be able to get the accurate private data, which can help the department to tackle the terrorist activities, kidnappings, robberies and blackmailing activities etc. the police sources said that Sindh police got two 4G mobile phone call locators and they are handed over to CTD to use these systems in the interior Sindh. The police will use the systems and technology for over two years but they get the latest one, which is modern gadget to trace the communications through smart phones.

Sindh Police has already acquired two sets of the similar systems and they were handed over to the special branch and they were limited to 2G and 3G technology and now all of the mobile operators are offered with 4 G services, which were imperative, when the system will be updated.

Sindh Police Locates Phones with 100% Accuracy

Sindh Police wanted to get this technology back in 2010 but at that time, some most influential persons opposed this idea. Now the police do not work with lack of technology in various cases and it is necessary to acquire the latest technology to reach to the criminals with the use of modern technology. These systems have been designed and developed locally and the technology has been tested for tracing the criminals and the kidnappers in the interior Sindh.

It is hoped that Police uses this technology positively and no misuse of the technology will be done to violate the private data. The Sindh police will have to follow the advancements by KPK police to make this department strong and efficient in use of technology, which are made in past few years.


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