Smart Phone Battery getting charged within 5 Minutes


Tal Aviv, The smart phone battery will be produced in the market, which will get charged within 5 minutes. The new Israeli company (Start Up) ‘Store Dot’ has prepared the battery with the name of flash battery and the production of this battery will be started in 2018. The company has introduced its heavy model two years before and now the CEO of the company confirms that there are two companies, which are making the phone batteries and they are being tried. This battery will be made on the commercial basis and this quickly charged battery will be started in 2018.

The special crystal area install in this battery, which are wide to two nano meters. And they are given the name of ‘nano dots’. They can increase the benefit of any battery to 10 times and they can work like capacitors collecting the electricity being on the on one side of the electrode. Crystal sends the charge very quickly in the lithium part of the battery on the other side and the battery of any phone can be charged within 5 minutes. The company said about the quick battery few days earlier that they can charge the battery of any car within 5 minutes. The car can travel to 300 miles with it. The company has shown the practical demonstration successfully of the battery charging in various international exhibitions.

The organic compounds are mixed with the nano materials in the flash battery and it is quickly charged instead of the traditional way. In a video of the company, the car was driven with the flash battery, in which total 40 boxes are made and they are made one after the other. There are small chains of amino acid, which are called peptides.



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