Sony Xperia Plans To Launch Mid Ranged 5G Smartphones


Renowned Japanese Smartphone maker Sony is reportedly planning to introduce 5G enabled phones for the mid ranged customers who are unable to afford the flagship with a huge amount of price. According to the reports the company was already working on Sony Xperia 10 II Plus and now the leaks and news show that the company seems to discard the manufacturing and now plans to shift the same project to prepare the smartphones with 5G connectivity.

The Japanese company is gearing up to work with two variants. The first smart phone is expected to be the next to Xperia 1 and will be powered with Snapdragon 875 while the second device will likely to be Sony Xperia 10 III housed with Snapdragon 690. Xperia 10 III is expected to make its debut in Q1 2020.

The Sony Xperia 10 III is expected to be houses with SoC 8nm. It will likely to have Cortex-A77 and six A55 small cores. It will have a GPU Adreno 619L. The display of the Xperia 10 III will be 1080p+ with a 120Hz refresh rate. The upcoming Xperia 10 III will be built with X51 modem. The modem range will be 2.5 Gbps downlink on 5G and 1.2 Gbps over LTE. The device will not come with a support of mmWave.

According to Noder Sikharulidze, the device will be housed with four cameras. Other features are still under cover and smartphone is expected to hit the market in Late February 2021.


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