Axon 20

ZTE Axon 30 Is Expected To Come Soon

ZTE has already launched the Ultra and Pro variants the ZTE Axon 30 Ultar and ZTE Axon Pro in the Axon series. Now the company is gearing up to launch the base model of the series, ... Continue Reading →

ZTE To Launch Flagship Phone Axon 30 Soon

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer, ZTE has announced to launch its new flagship series Axon 30 very soon. The company has released a teaser image confirming that the series will make ... Continue Reading →
ZTE S 30

ZTE Announces First Phone Of Its S Series To Come Soon

Recently, the Chinese Smartphone maker, ZTE announced to introduce the S series for new selfei focused phones in which S indicates the ‘Shine; and the company is preparing to start ... Continue Reading →

ZTE Is Reportedly To Introduce S Series With Quad Cameras

The Chinese mobile phones maker is reportedly working to introduce its new series of smartphones dubbed as S Series. The new series will comprise the handset which will be equipped ... Continue Reading →

ZTE Announces A Flagship Device In Blade 20 Series

The Chinese Smartphone maker ZTE has already unveiled, the budget phone Blade 20 with a support of 5G technology. The ZTE, now plans to bring the successor of Blade 20 with high end ... Continue Reading →

ZTE Launches 5G Flagship Along with Quad Cameras

ZTE is the Chinese phone making company, which has extended its lineup of 5G smart phones and it is the third 5G capable mobile phone of the company till now. The Axon 11 5 G is added ... Continue Reading →

ZTE To Launch World’s First Snapdragon 865

In February, the Chinese Mobile Manufacturing Company ZTE launched the Axon 10 Pro, regarded as the very first smart phone with 5G support and high end specifications. Once again the ... Continue Reading →
ZTE Nubia X8 05

New ZTE Nubia X8 launched October 15

Today the market is highly competitive and overflowing and the  customers have to stay relevant and it is tough challenge to remain up to par but it is difficult to stay away from ... Continue Reading →
ZTE Open L Pictures

ZTE Open L Price and Specs in Pakistan

ZTE assured that it would announce on of the primary 4G LTE device which comes along with a new version of Firefox OS 2.2 in a source conference that is gone out ahead of current year’s ... Continue Reading →
ZTE Grand S II

ZTE Grand S II Price and Specs in Pakistan

To show off at CES 2014, ZTE brought a handful of products and from projectors and smartwatches to your run-of-the-mill flagship, they range. The Grand S II leads the pack. As the company ... Continue Reading →
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