Remove Hijab Or Resign Asked By A Software House






A software house in Karachi, creative chaos asked the young female not to wear hijab at the office or resign from her position.

The employee started the job with the creative chaos, after few days her manager asked her to remove the hijab or leave the job.

The story came up from the face book post, and according to t he source the reason behind all this was that hijab would taint the image of the company as all embracing workplace.

Not only the manager but also the chief executive defended his demand in a meeting with the discriminated employee. The employee also stated that CEO refused to say that In writing while asking her to resign.

He also recommended her to work at two Islamic banks, and the employee also told ot the sources that the CEO warned her no to take any legal action against the company.

The face book post gone viral and promoted strong criticism from the social public, and the CEO confirmed the incident and also asked for public apology.

Yesterday a senior member of our staff asked a colleague to resign on unprofessional and unethical grounds, says jawwad kadir, she was being told that her obligations may come in the way of her performance.

He said that this action not only show disgraceful but also shows extremely poor moral judgment y her hiring manager, I take full responsibility  for this act and am ashamed that colleague was put through distress and trauma.

He also said that the manager has been suspended from the post and transparent inquiry has been ordered.

He also said that employee has been asked to withdraw her resignation and return back to her office.

The statement did not mention the employee’s claim that he had also asked her to resign on the said ground.


Creative chaos issued a statement that the employee was being apologized by all the management, with the request to her for reconsideration of the resignation.

Further statement said that the CEO and the manager has been removed from their positions.


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