Google Unveils Pixel C Flagship Android Tablet


Google has launched the latest and fresh handset and this handset is the Pixel C flagship android tablet, which is created with the collaboration of the giant partners online. This handset is provided with the cleanest Android experience just like Google, who wants to do it.

Google is now going to introduce the new and latest products, which are developed in the house from start to the end. The mobile phone company launched the latest model with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which is powered with Google Pixel C. This new handset is provided with the Chrome pixel and the same team prepares it & the users can check the technological advancement in the smart phone.

The smart phone is provided with the Google pixel and this is the most powerful handset of its kind. This handset is added with 10.2 inches display with the 2560 x 1800 pixels resolution and it has the density of 308ppi. This handset has the powerful internals with Nvidia’s Tegra XI chipset, Maxwell GPU and quad-core CPU and it is paired with 3GB RAM.

In this handset, USB Type-C port and it can play the central role in the future plan of Google for the unification and standardizing of the charging and IO. The Pixel C in the smart phone is provided with the advanced productivity and it is provided with the adjustable keyboard, which is combined with the stand. It is added with the tablet and the users can charge it wirelessly after folding the Pixel C over this handset. The users are waiting for the new coming handset and the users can fold it simply and attach it with the back of the smart phone, which is the great convenience to the users.

The handset has the Pixel C and it is provided at the price of $499 for 32 GB handset and $599 for the 64 GB handset. But this handset is not provided with keyword, which is available separately for additional amount of $149. The date of sale and availability of the smart phone is not provided, yet but Google promised to provide this handset, Pixel C in short time.


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