PTA Bans Cordless Phones as They Disrupt 3G Frequencies


PTA is running a drive to hold back the usage of cordless devices as they disrupt 3G services in the vicinity. They have termed these cordless devices illegal and mentioned that no one should use them for their homes of offices.

Cordless Phones

Cordless Phones

The authority mentioned that these devices are mostly dumped by European countries into places such as Pakistan as they have begun causing disruption in 1800Mhz band which runs on 3G services.

Cordless devices produced in Europe, Hong Kong, South Africa and Japan operate in 1800Mhz band which is used by Pakistani telecom operators for 3G services.

Because of the same frequency these devices disrupt 3G services in locations where they are used and grounds serious problem to cellular users.

The authority mentioned that its Enforcement Division and as well the zone offices in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Muzaffarabad, Rawalpindi and Quetta have carried out meetings along with the officials of FIA, Police, Chambers of Commerce, trade Unions, Importers, Vendors and Sellers of telecom equipments in their particular zones to inform them regarding the problem caused by cordless devices.

Pakistan Telecom Authority has alerted the importers, distributers, sellers and users of these devices to avoid from using these cordless phones otherwise they will take legal action opposed to them via Law Enforcement Agencies such as FIA.


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