PTA Plans To Maker Off Net Calls More Affordable


The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has revised the Mobile Termination Rate (MTR) and indicated that it will make off-network calls even cheaper.

According to official documents, MTR plays a key role in the protection of younger players and in the automatic rationalization of retail rates, especially for off net calls. The changing structure of the cellular mobile segment market in Pakistan should be reviewed at the current MTR rate of 90 paise per minute.

MTR is the amount that the receiving operator must receive when a call is made to another network. The MTR was set at 90 paisa per minute and no operator could charge less than that.

After in-depth deliberations, the PTA has begun to consider all types of calls (local, long distance and international inbound) ending January 1, 2019 on other mobile networks or mobile networks from fixed networks. MTR has been lowered. In 2020, this rate was further increased to 70 paisas.

Due to the prevailing dynamics of the industry, mobile operators called for the reduction of the MTR, and the PTA had requested the opinion of all interested parties for its review.


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