WhatsApp Alert Not Click Every Picture


Silicon Valley, It is forbidden to the users of WhatsApp and Telegram that they should not click every picture, which appears in their WhatsApp account. If you receive any picture message on your WhatsApp number from any unknown number, then you should not click the picture, which is present in it, otherwise any hacker can hack your WhatsApp account. When you click on the picture, then hacker will receive your password and complete detail of the WhatsApp account, Whartsapp message, which they will receive or send from their WhatsApp number, posted pictures and videos and all other information of your friends and family members. He will use these information and other things along with your WhatsApp number.

‘Check Point Software Technologies’ is the cyber security firm and it warned the users that the hackers have broken out the encryption technology, which was devised for the users of Messaging app, WhatsApp and Telegram to protect them. Now American CIA could not become successful to break it out.

When the hackers hack any account of any users, they send such a message to the user, which looks very beautiful and attractive and it is added with a secret code in it. When you click the picture then this secret code becomes activated and it sends the information regarding the users, in the relevant WhatsApp or Telegram to the hacker. The WhatsApp or Telegram users, who use desktop computers or laptop, they can face more dangers but the iPhone and Android smart phone users do not have to face much danger. It is not found that home many users of WhatsApp and telegram have been affected till now but Check Points says that millions of accounts are now in danger.

To hide the picture in the software comes in the Stegnography and the secret information and instructions (test message, picture or videos) are saved in it. The administration of WhatsApp and Telegram has been informed about the fresh activity of the hackers but these two departments did not remove this defect from their apps. They did not have ability to recognize dangerous code hidden in these pictures but they continued their working. Both the departments will confess the above mentioned activity of the hackers, when they will issue the security patch to cope with these hackers. It is betters for the users not to click on picture, when they will receive any picture on their WhatsApp number.


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