You can see every photo your friends have ever liked Facebook


Facebook provides the updates to its users regularly to make the social networking more relevant to the users. The social media site is able to provide more creepy things to its clients.

With the introduction of new apps, now your girlfriend or boyfriend was able to watch the photo, which you have already liked and this is the most horrible reality.

It is the new and simple trick to help the users to watch every photo, which you have ever liked on the facebook. When you check the feature, you will find all the photos your friends and family members have liked. You can watch the photo by going into the search box at the top of the facebook page and look for ‘Photos liked by me’ and it will provide all photos, which you have ever liked. You can also use this app to watch all the photos, which your friend and family members have ever liked. You need to type ‘photos liked by …..’ and follow the name of the person, to whom you watch the photos. You can also use this app and you can watch every one, who refused to accept your friend request on the face book.

You need to open the facebook account in the browser and click on the friend request tab and select ‘view all’ in the drop down menu. Then you can click on the ‘view sent requests’.

If you want to watch the friend requests of your office colleagues, which you sent many years before and you thought that he did not accept your friend request, then the time has come to withdraw your request.



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