Apple Smart Watch Price and Specs in Pakistan


Apple Smartwatch

Apple Smartwatch

Tim Cook begin the Apple Watch reveal, this product is expected by people to see since it was introduced about half a year ago. In the following there are a few of the most essential things that Apple’s reply to the smartwatch is being billed as:

Your Fitness and Smart Health Companion

“During I’m at work, I preferred to sit a lot, and sometimes I forget to stand up.”

The Smart Watch manufactured by Apple is equipped with a ton of sensors which can trace your physical activity right through the day. However the software on this device is intelligently made thus it induces you to sit less and get some exercise.

This device can show that it is a good thing for the couch potatoes amongst us because the Watch will provide weekly reports as well. And also if the professional fitness folks were nervous, the company has either bundled a Workout app for cardio sessions.

As well Apple provides a smart stopwatch which follows exercise including outdoor runs and time elapsed. The smart watch recommends fitness objectives for you daily activities, as per to your physical activities and attributes.

Your iPhone mini!

This intelligent device lets you have your massages and attend your calls from your iPhone! It’s awesome whether you don’t want to fiddle around for the iPhone from your pockets.

To check up quick info like heartbeat amongst many other things the Glances feature will be used a lot. It’s the iPhone’s notification center, except on your Apple Watch. Also it contains Siri voice support. A few applications including Twitter, Instagram and the rest as well work in Apple’s not-so-quaint little timepiece.

Your Drawing Pad

With this smart watch you can draw something on your watch face with your finger, and the same drawing can be displayed on your friend’s Apple Watch? It’s a quite cool and clever way to communicate with your friends. Digital Touch is name of the feature.

Your Wireless Wallet

“You can use your Apple Watch to pay for purchases.”

(This is sadly limited the utility in Pakistan), the Smart Watch will allow you to perform your payments with just a double tap of the side button at supported retailers.

Your Key?

Whether you believe it or not, the Smart Watch can open your hotel door, or garage doors, or home doors for that matter. This device is as well included with the Passbook app which can be used for boarding passes while going for air travel.

Support for Apple Watch comes with iOS 8.2

Apple begins your updates people, as iOS 8.2 drops today along with the Apple Watch app. While downloading and installing of applications on your Apple Watch is done through this app.

Apple Watch Battery Life:

According to Apple the Apple Watch comes along with an eighteen hour running time on a day.


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