Apple To Introduce New Keyboard For MacBook


The Cupertino tech giant, Apple is coming up with a new keyboard for its MacBooks lineup. The patent was released to Apple by US Patent and Trademark Office.

According to Apple’s latest patent, the Keyboard will come with configurable keys with tiny displays. The keys will have dynamic labels which will work on what you want to do. Surprisingly, Apple’s MacBook Pro models are already featured with Touch Bar.

The new keyboard will provide a different look for different language and software.

According to patent:

“An electronic device may have a reconfigurable keyboard. The keyboard may be formed from an array of keys that are received within an array of openings in a housing. Each key may have a movable key member and an associated key display”

The keys may have OLED, electrophoretic or some other type of display depending on the technology. In terms of make, the keys will be made by using ceramic, glass, sapphire, or metal. 


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