Google Is Planning To Launch First Folding Phone


The news and leaks are surfacing about the folding phone by the Google. A patent was filed by Google at WIPO in which the design of two different hinge mechanisms was published.

After couple of weeks, the Google confirmed about the upcoming Google Pixel Folding Smartphone. The folding phone is expected to come in the beta build of Android.

According to leaks and rumors, a Korean publication, The Elec, the South Korean tech giant, Samsung will provide OLED panels to Google, Vivo and Xiaomi. These companies will use the panels in their upcoming folding smartphone. All these smartphones are expected to make their entry in the market this year.

As per latest reports, the search engine giant has codenamed the upcoming foldable phone as “Passport”. The foldable phone might be launched with Google Pixel 6 and 5a.

According to Elec, the Google Pixel Foldable phone will come with a 7.6-inch panel that folds inward. The phone’s codename also hints that it will fold inward like the Samsung Galaxy Fold series.


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